Evaluation of the Open Learning Design Studio MOOC: Participant perspectives and experiences

Over the last two months I have been evaluating the Open Learning Design Studio MOOC (OLDS MOOC). This was written by contributors from several UK universities and funded by JISC. The evaluation has analysed quantitative data captured before, during and after the courseand richer qualitative data provided by participants in pre- and post-course questionnaires and in blogs, posts and comments contributed to the public course space.

The report is available on the Open Research Online website or alternatively a copy of the report is available here. The length of the document has been kept to around 20 pages and includes sections on:

• Participant profile and expectations,
• Participation and contribution rates,
• Use of the course space and technologies,
• Impact and changes of practice,
• Effectiveness and challenges of collaborative group working,
• Awarding course badges,
• Conclusions

One challenge has been how to represent and balance the often hugely contrasting perspectives and experiences of the MOOC: how much weight do you give to the views of those who remained for the duration and followed the course instructions, those who started but undertook only part of the course, and those who watched but did not contribute? Another challenge was to determine on whose terms the MOOC should be evaluated. For example: participant compliance with design; participant deviation from design; meeting design goals; meeting participant goals; performance against established measures; and performance against participant defined evaluation criteria – the latter yielded particularly interesting responses in our pre-course survey.

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